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Courageous. Economical. Efficient.

In the battles over hygiene, you need a sidekick who can take on your daily challenges. You need firmness and efficiency in cleaning, and a gentle and delicate touch. Your ally is El Capitan, honest both in battle and in price.

Seductive. Fluffy. Delicate.

Foxia means fluffy paper for those hunting for quality at a low price. Certainly, family care is your top priority. Once you activate your fox instincts, you search only what’s best for them. But you are a crafty and skilled consumer.

Softness. Comfort. Pampering.

Luva understands your needs. She knows how important hygiene is to you and that you need gentleness. Luva takes care of you and your skin, knowing how delicate it is. With just a simple touch, she gives you the softness and fragrance you’ll fall in love with.