About us


donPedro successfully represents Romania,
besides the Iberian resonance
of our name

  • We are a tissue paper producer, born and developed in Vâlcea county, where our production unit’s activity takes place.
  • We set out in 1995 with 100% Romanian private funds. Back then, we were 3 people in a production space of 600 sq m.
  • Transparency, simplicity, teamwork and stability were from the start the principles of our business. So, by constantly evolving and innovating, we managed to stay on an upward slope.
  • Today we are 250 people in production and storage space of over 12000 sq m.
  • And we won’t stop here. Having our customer’s concern as a top priority, we will invest in technology and humans, who are one of the most important aspects of our company. This way, we’ll continue to grow.


Here, at donPedro, we believe in performance!
We believe it is a continuous race, a race
we won’t quit. We are not professional athletes.

  • We manufacture paper products, but this is how we see things and this is how we are growing: racing towards success
    and beyond it. We continuously invested in technology and raised the quality of our products, but we believe that our company’s most valuable asset is the people who shape it.
  • We believe in responsibility and respect towards everyone who interacts with us and our products: from the people inside the company, to distributors, store managers, right down to the final customer.
  • Through our range of products, through flexibility, through our brands we prove that we treasure quality and the desire for a pleasant life. We believe that in an agitated and noisy market, we are the ones that bring clarity, meaning, and innovation as well.

Mission, vision, values

Our mission is to bring comfort and hygiene
into people’s homes.

  • We wish to gain the trust and respect of all those who interact with us and our products, everything for a comfortable life.
  • We believe that the market is too hectic. We want to be the ones that bring clarity and meaning. Our efforts, doubled by a coherent and consistent commercial approach, are directed towards giving the consumer the deserved quality.
  • Responsibility, devotion, care for the human resource and the desire to reach high performances. These are our values that drive us in growing our company and in our daily life.
  • We continue to invest in enhancing the production process in quantity and in quality. We will raise the quality of our products, ensuring that environmental care is the core of our activity.