State of the art technology in Romania

Private Label

Our production lines are among the most advanced machines in the field, ensuring a high level product finishing.
From the tube to the last sheet on the roll, everything is made with precision.


Logistically, we are capable of transporting our products throughout the whole Romanian territory.
We own a complex distribution fleet of 25 trucks (3.5t - 23t).

Meet the quality paper with an honest price.

Economic paper >

Soft, for hunters of quality at a low price.

Superior paper >

Every hygienic experience is a pampering one.

Premium paper >

El Capitan bravely dashes into the duels for hygiene. He’s soft to the touch, and also to the price. Arm yourself with paper towels and two ply and three ply toilet paper.

Catch Foxia’s two ply and three ply toilet paper and paper towels, with a seductive price and plushy like a fox’s tail. They will bring delicacy in your home and the appreciation of those who use it.

Luva knows how important hygiene is for you and knows you need gentleness. Discover our bath tissue with three and four plies, along with our paper towels in two and three plies.